A Color Story... Orange

Did you know that there is more to color than what you can see? There are reasons why people are attracted or even repelled by various colors and why certain colors are used in designs. Colors evoke emotional responses and specific shades convey different meanings. In this blog series Interior Designer, Macy Smith, will dig deeper into the colors of the spectrum and expose the history and meanings behind each. Welcome to the newest J & M blog series!


For the month of October, we will be focusing on the color, Orange!

The appreciation for the color started with the actual fruit. The origins of the fruit were found in the exotic lands of Asia dating back to 500 BC. Oranges became known as the fruit of the gods, kings, emperors and the hierarchy of the church because if its striking color. Thus, it gained symbolic importance in the art of the Renaissance period. Until the mid-20th century, orange was a desirable color before it was overly used in the fast food restaurant chains. There is a science to why orange was and is still used today in the restaurant industry. The color stimulates and increases your appetite. Have you noticed all the shades of orange that share names with foods?

            Mandarin, tangerine, pumpkin, carrot, melon, nectarine, etc...

Thanks to the 1990’s, orange was reborn and has boomed in the fashion and design industries. The popularity of this color comes from the gusto and highly visual flavor it adds to any application. Orange is a vital color and is highly associated with healthy food and healthy living. It captivates us with its mesmerizing appeal.  From the striking hues of a sunrise or sunset to the glowing bright embers of a fire in the night, there is a warmth and comfort associated with the color.

Orange is a secondary color mixed from red and yellow. The closer the shades of orange move towards red, a highly physical and attention-getting color, the more the shades become sultry, wild, provocative, and  exotic in color. The closer the shades of orange move towards yellow, a vibrant, fun, energized color, the more the shades become more friendly, approachable and less aggressive.

Bright orange is the hottest of all colors. It can sometimes cause uncomfortable feelings because of the intensity it carries. While mid to deep shades of orange are very down to earth and of the earth. They tend to bring a warmth and comfort in their tones. Lighter oranges, such as peachy tones, can be very welcoming, fun, modest and soft. Corals can bring on a sensual undertone. In fact, throughout many various cultures, corals were used to represent energy, flexibility, success and longevity.

Looking to incorporate some shades of orange, and the feelings they evoke, into your home? Stop into our showroom and consult with our designers, we would love to assist you!

Stayed tuned for the continuation of the color series in November, as we uncover the meanings and uses for the color Brown.