A Color Story... White

Did you know that there is more to color than what you can see? There are reasons why people are attracted or even repelled by various colors and why certain colors are used in designs. Colors evoke emotional responses and specific shades convey different meanings. In this blog series Interior Designer, Macy Smith, will dig deeper into the colors of the spectrum and expose the history and meanings behind each. Welcome to the newest J & M blog series!


For the month of December, we will be focusing on the color, White!

White, has always been seen as the color that has the complete presence of light. Since ancient times, the color has always been symbolic throughout many religions. White is seen as heavenly, pure and can symbolize God himself. It also brings about an ethereal and supernatural illusion. Even in secular life, white symbolizes purity, clarity and simplicity.

White is innocent and delicate, which is why christening dresses and bridal gowns are white. White is silent, it has lack of sound, just as snow falls quietly and a silent frequency is called white noise. White is symbolized through many other elements like a white lie is no big deal, a white flag means truce or the deferment of hostility and the white dove of peace.

Pure white is crisp, vibrant and has brilliance. It is not to be used as a neutral color when all else fails as it has an ample presence. The human eye is very sensitive to even miniscule differences in shades of white when two or more are placed next to each other. This this why it is important to be diligent when selecting your whites so it does not look like a poor match. Cleanliness is best represented by pure white. No other color captures the essence of hygiene. It is unflawed, pristine, sterile, immaculate and, depending on the colors it is paired with, can be a very cold color.

White does become more approachable when paired with colors that are warm in nature and, especially, when it is not such a pure white, but yet more of a cream, ivory or an off white.

There are a many positives to the color, white, as it is pure, clean, simplistic, airy, bright, crisp, spotless, silent, innocent, positive and embodies clarity.

Depending on the context, white can invoke a negative reaction, as some view the color as more cold, sterile, and clinical.

Looking to introduce and utilize the color white into your home? Stop into our showroom and consult with out designers. We would love to assist you!

Stay tuned for the continuation of the color series in January: introducing neutrals.