A Color Story... Red

Did you know that there is more to color than what you can see? There are reasons why people are attracted or even repelled by various colors and why certain colors are used in designs. Colors evoke emotional responses and specific shades convey different meanings. In this blog series Interior Designer, Macy Smith, will dig deeper into the colors of the spectrum and expose the history and meanings behind each. Welcome to the newest J & M blog series!


For the month of February, we will be focusing on….. Red!

Red, the most physical color of the spectrum, is vastly known as being symbolic of the heart, strong-willed and expressing strong emotions. The hue commands us to stop and encourages movement simultaneously. Red has always been deeply ingrained into the human mind as a signal to react in a fight or flight manner. This is due to red being the color of life sustaining blood or life-threatening bloodshed.

Red is a demanding hue that is an attention getter. To really make a bold statement, the brightest reds are used. These bright shades of red portray danger, passion, love and celebration. At the times when red seems to get a bit cliché, a great substitute to reflect the more youthful and playful side of the red spectrums are hot pinks, fuchsias and magentas.

There are many shades of reds and pinks that reflect different characteristics. Light and rosy pinks carry connotations of flowers, sweet scents and sweet tastes. The paler shades of pink reflect tenderness.  For a more nostalgic and gentile touch, dusty rose shades capture that essence. For a little romance, most to all reds will work, but it is the rose shades that speak to a very romantic feel. Deep reds and burgundies are elegant, rich and are very luxurious. Lastly, brick reds are connected to the Earth and can carry a country feel and warmth to them.

Each shade can carry positive and negative  characteristics…


Light pink

Positives: romantic, soft, sweet, tender, innocent, fragile, youthful, compassionate

Negatives: can be too sweet

Dusty Pink

            Positives: soft, subtle, cozy, dusky, gentle, composed, nostalgic

Bright Pink

Positives: playful, hot, exciting, high energy, tropical, festive, sensual, stimulating, wild, flirtatious

Negatives: can be too gaudy

Bright Red

Positives: energizing, dramatic, sexy, demanding, stirring, assertive, courageous, provocative, hot, dynamic, exciting, passionate, powerful

            Negatives: reflects danger, too aggressive, violence, temperamental

Brick Red

            Positives: earthly, warm, country, established, strong

Deep Reds

            Positives: elegant, rich, expensive, robust, mature, luxurious

Looking to introduce and bring some of these feelings and colors into your home? Stop into our showroom and consult with our designers, we would love to assist you!

Stayed tuned for the continuation of the color series in March: introducing the color, Green.