A Color Story... Black

Did you know that there is more to color than what you can see? There are reasons why people are attracted or even repelled by various colors and why certain colors are used in designs. Colors evoke emotional responses and specific shades convey different meanings. In this blog series Interior Designer, Macy Smith, will dig deeper into the colors of the spectrum and expose the history and meanings behind each. Welcome to the newest J & M blog series!


For the month of July, we will be focusing on….. Black!

Black, the color that never goes out of style and always seems to have a huge “revival” every few years (You know, “Black is back!” even though it has never gone away). Other colors in the industry have made attempts to take black’s place but black will always carry a commanding presence. When adding black to any other color, it makes that color more intense and powerful. Black has been a fundamental color in all industries and will continue to be.

In 1913, black was defined as the darkest color, destitute of light – deprived of all color. The use of the word destitute suggests sadness as to be impoverished, poor or lack of color. This led to the color being used for merchants, widows, villains and members of the clergy due to the very serious, submissive nature of the hue.

Black, historically, had been thought to be a color of heavy gloom. It was the color connected to the fear of the unknown and death. Black was the total negation of color but today we see that it carries a very strong and, at the same time, positive presence. Black has become a symbolic color for making a statement socially. For many decades it has been used in nonconforming lifestyles.

Today, the color is no longer viewed in fearful darkness but has become more worldly and sophisticated. Black has become the color most worn after dark to cocktail parties and black-tie events. The association with sophistication is evident in the color being chosen for the grand piano or the stretch limo taken to important events. This acceptance of the color black started in the 80’s with it becoming the color of all that is hi-tech. Starting with the all black appliance trend.

Black is empowering and can be seen as “worth more”. It is very stylish and modern, yet it keeps a very classic feel. Being such a statement color, there are can be negative characteristics and associations but the positives definitely outweigh them….


Elegant, mysterious, classic, strong, stylish, powerful, sophisticated, bold, expensive, prestigious

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Stayed tuned for the continuation of the color series in August: introducing the color, Green.